Saturday, March 12, 2011

The Usual Start!

I forgot my card reader...yuck! So I am stuck writing for night one. I will update the pictures tomorrow. Let's see....we got into Orillia at 11:30 pm and left Orillia at 3:00 am. We drove and drove. We got a flat tire. We got the flat tire fixed...for free! The guy who fixed our tire didn't want to charge us since we were just starting our vacation. Love that! So a huge thanks to the tire guy in Dayton Ohio : ) After the tire incident we drove and drove and drove some more and finally stopped at 7:00 pm in Knoxville. I love it here! I've been called honey and sweetie more times in last few hours than I have in my entire life. Plus (this is super exciting!) a group of baptists tried to save me in the lobby! Jesus Rocks! I will start with the pictures tomorrow once we arrive at my mom's and I buy a card reader. Sorry! Stay tuned for that update.
xo peeps!